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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

postheadericon Chrissy's Trick or Treat

 Feel free to use my tutorial as a guide and have fun giving it your own spin.

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP.

Needed Supplies & Filters :

Tube of Choice .. I am using the work of Chrissy Clark which you must have a license to use. Please do not use her work without purchasing through My Tag Art here.
Pls note mine is licensed through Artistic Minds Inc. where their art was previously sold.

Scrap Kit of Choice .. I have used a gorgeous PTU Kit from Creative Intentionz called Halloween Candy which can be purchased here.

Mask of Choice .. I haved used Vix_Mask281 which can be downloaded here.

Word Art of Choice .. I have used word art by Designs by Ali which can be downloaded here.

Font of Choice .. Satanick

Filters of Choice .. Xenofex/Lightning & Eye Candy/Gradient Glow (both optional)

Let's get started

New image 600x600 and floodfill with white. New raster layer, select all, paste into selection Paper 5. Select none. New mask layer from image, Vix_Mask281, invert transparency unchecked, and merge group.

Copy and paste Wreath Frame and resize 90%. Using your magic wand, select the center portion of your frame, selections modify/expand 2. Copy and paste Paper 8 below your frame layer, resize 65%, selections invert and hit delete.

Duplicate the layer twice and rename your layers Lightning 1, 2 and 3. Select your first layer and apply lightning with the following settings.

Pls note depending on where you want your lightning start, you will see on the preview of where the lightning will be applied, there is 2 lil circles with an X in them. You may move these about so that you can place where your lightning will start and finish. I usually like to position a lil inside my image that way it doesn't go over the edge of it.

Select your 2nd lightning layer and apply effect again hitting random seed.

Select your last lightning layer and apply effect again hitting random seed again. Select none. If you decide not to animate your tag, then just skip the duplicate twice and lightning portions of this tut.

Copy and paste Jack o lantern string & resize 50%. Position across the centre of your frame.

Copy and paste bow 4 & resize 65%. Position top left hand corner of your frame. Copy and paste Bow 1 & resize 55%. Position on top of your other bow.

Copy and paste Beadstring 1 below your bow layers, resize 65% & rotate right 90. Position hanging from beneath your bows. Repeat with Beadstring 2, resizing this one 55%.

Copy and paste Lollipop 1, resize 65% & position on the right hand side. Copy and paste Lollipop 4, resize 70% & position next to your other lollipop.

Copy and paste your Tube and resize as necessary.

Copy and paste cauldron, resize 50% & position bottom right corner.

Copy and paste Pumpkin 1, resize 50% & position bottom centre. Copy and paste Pumpkin 2, resize 45% and position next to your other pumpkin.

Copy and paste Word art, resize 30% & position top right hand corner. I then added a size 5 fat color #47297a gradient glow, following by a size 5 fat one gradient glow and then a drop shadow (2/2/40/4).

At this point if you need to, resize your tag. I have used 500x500. Add your copyright and name. I have used Satanick Size 48 black and added the same gradient glow & Drop shadow as the word art.

If you are choosing not to animate, then you can save your tag.

To animate, close off Lightning Layer 2 & 3 (the lil eye icon in your layer palette), Edit/Copy Merged and paste as new animation in Animation Shop. Close off Lightning Layer 1 and open Lightning Layer 2, Edit/Copy Merged and paste after current frame in AS. Close off Lightning Layer 2 and open Lightning Layer 3, Edit/Copy Merged and paste after current frame in AS.

You may want to view your animation and decide if you wish to slow down the speed of your lightning. To do this Edit/Select All and then animation/frame properties. I have set mine for 30.

Save as a gif.

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial. Pls feel free to experiment and use my tutorial as a guide.

Please feel free to send me your results. I'd love to see what you came up with.


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